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Strata cleaning services provide property owners and managers with vital services, Our comprehensive range of services ensures that no matter what type of property you have, you can keep it cleaned, maintained and in the best possible condition. Let Scope handle all your Strata Service needs.

What We Can Offer

When it comes to strata cleaning solutions, Scope offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions and we guarantee to be able to provide the highest quality service, at a competitive rate. Each of our services are designed to clean, maintain, and protect your building. We’re confident of the highest level of service and we offer:

  • Common Areas – Your building consists of a range of common areas, all of which must be professionally cleaned and maintained. We offer carpet vacuuming and steaming, as well as cleaning of steel surfaces and more. This ensures the condition of your building is always A1.
  • Cobwebs – Professional strata cleaning should consist of cobweb removal. Cobwebs can build up quickly in impossible to reach places, but our professional cleaners can take care of them easily, improving the overall look of your building.
  • Car Park Cleaning – Car parks are high traffic, and critical areas of a property. They require the best of cleaning to ensure they maintain appearance and to ensure safety. Our strata services include cleaning and maintaining this vital area.
  • Fire Stair Cleaning – Fire stairs are vital safety solutions. However, over time, they can become dirty, corroded and damaged. Our cleaning services ensure this does not happen to you.
  • High Pressure Cleaning – Our strata cleaning services include high pressure washing, ideal for tough stains, high traffic areas, car park stains (oil, etc.) and more.
  • Window Cleaning – Dirty windows can detract from the quality of your building very quickly. We offer professional window cleaning services for all levels of your building, and all types of windows.


The Scope Advantage

At Scope, we pride ourselves on being the industry leader in terms of strata cleaning and a wide range of professional cleaning services. We’re different. That difference is apparent from the moment you contact us to discuss your strata clean and other needs. The process begins with a full evaluation of your property from top to bottom. This will include an evaluation of all exterior windows, your car park, public areas inside the building, landings and railings, as well as numerous other areas. Based on the results of our evaluation, our expert cleaning contractors will recommend specific services. We will also listen to your needs, expectations and goals in terms of strata cleaning services.
Based on the interview and the results of our strata clean evaluation, our friendly Client Service Manager/s will develop a customised cleaning program specific to your location and needs.  we offer personalised, customised cleaning programs that include only the services you want, at times you specify (including after-hours cleaning).

Get the Strata Cleaning Services You Need, Today

Maintaining a clean, safe building is vital – do not put it off. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your needs and how we can provide on-going professional services to suit your building and your budget.

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