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Consistently excellent cleaning by trained and supervised staff, ensuring your office cleaning requirements are met and exceeded.


We understand the importance of maintaining the presentation and look of your office. Our dedicated cleaners will cover all aspects of your office or place of business.

It’s a fact – the moment a person steps into Your office he/she gets a strong impression about the quality of the people who work in the organization, after all, first impressions count. A well-maintained, hygienic and clean office sends a positive and professional message to your clients. Whilst also underlining your commitment to safety and a healthy workplace to your employees.

Maintaining the lobby or the entrance of an office is considered the most important task in office maintenance and we are front office maintenance specialists. One needs to be meticulous, looking attentively for areas of concern and addressing them immediately. Another important aspect of office maintenance is toilet cleaning and sanitization. The process is laborious, time- consuming and something not every cleaning service provider does a great job of. At Scope Services, we are dedicated to ensuring that every inch of your office space is clean and hygienic, and every toilet we maintain will be a joy to use.




There are several Office Cleaning Services we can offer for you:


  • Vacuum clean the complete floor of the entire office
  • Mopping of general and heavy traffic areas
  • Desks cleaning and bacteria free treatment
  • Spotless main entrance via floor buffing, glass cleaning and rubbish removal
  • Dust/wipe all surfaces, including desks, picture frames and skirting boards
  • Wipe monitors with anti static spray
  • Clean and sanitize bathrooms
  • Replace consumables
  • Clean/sanitize kitchen area and dust kitchen equipment
  • Professional waste management
  • Mop tiled/ timber floor
  • Regularly check walls for marks- remove as required



Exterior Office Cleaning Services:


  • Clean and sanitize bathrooms and toilets
  • Replace consumables
  • Remove garbage
  • Clean Lifts and Elevators
  • Polish hand rails
  • Wipe window displays
  • Clean floor surface- Dust control mop, Mop and Vacuum
  • Regularly check walls for marks- remove as required

Occasional Office Cleaning Services:

  • Complete cleaning of venetian blinds
  • Wash all windows and clean frames and sills
  • Steam clean carpet and Treat stains
  • Maintenance of drain pipes, garbage chutes and vents




We are specialists in providing Office-Cleaning Services as per the need of the client. Whether you wish to have full time housekeeping staff at your office to keep it clean, or whether you would want regular and periodic cleaning services provided at notice, we can deliver the service of your choice.

Highly trained Scope Services staff are assigned to your premises on a permanent basis so that they are familiar with your requirements and take onus for their work. We manage your cleaning team, and take care of any necessary public liability and worker’s compensation insurance, so there is no hassle for you and a stress free cleaning service for your business. Experienced Scope Services  managers conduct regular inspections to ensure the high quality of the work is maintained, and report back to you with routine reports and suggestions for improving cleanliness and hygiene.

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